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A Short Summation of Who I Am

I  love westerns but enjoy writing about all kinds of adventure, intense drama and mystery and suspense. Prodigal Trail got into my veins and created a craving for writing. As more ideas came,  I've since written at least seven novels, some of which I'll publish soon. (See My Books)

My Youthful Years

I grew up around horses and became the family's main "horse breaker." We rode local roads with fiends and trail riding groups. Daddy also raised corn for the horses and used an old covered wagon to gather it as all the children walked the rows and tossed in the corn.

I never plowed the crops. However, I was there to help when the horse went stubborn, and I gave Daddy a hand to keep him in line.

I played sports in school whenever I could but was never good enough to go pro in baseball or football.

Our family had a country band for years, and I played the drums (a new book in the making about a drummer) and sang a little. My oldest brother played electric guitar and sang. Mom played acoustic guitar and sang, and Daddy played bass.

My Adult Years

After twenty-seven years in the tire industry, my wife Gaylyn and I spend our time in Fouke, Arkansas, where we enjoy a ten-acre farm with two Siberian Huskies and multitudes of wild squirrels and rabbits and birds. We have two children and six grandchildren. In addition, I play guitar at church, leading worship and singing with Gaylyn.

God has truly blessed our marriage and family. I'm thankful to serve him in any capacity. Writing books has become a joy, especially if I can insert a spiritual meaning that causes people to think about where they are with God.

God Bless You,

Michael J Spanhanks