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  Prodigal Trail - The Jesse Stalls Series   

Prodigal Son meets the western era.

Jesse Stalls is beyond ready to leave behind his home, family and the father, who worked him plowing fields and much more. But nothing prepared him for the journey through the lengthy cattle trails where the bitterly cold days and cattle rustlers were the least of his problems.

After reaching Fort Worth, where the cowboys he worked with deliver the large herd, Jesse finds himself deeply in a gunfight. When it’s over, a man named Max Tolliver lies dead, and Jesse sits confounded because the man’s death is at his hand.

While at the point of giving up, a man named Montgomery Rowe offers Jesse and a friend, Eli Cole, a job with the Texas Rangers. They cautiously accept the offers and ride away with Montgomery and another man, Tom Hensley, who has just received word that Mexicans have snatched Montgomery’s wife and another woman and are on the trail toward Mexico.

After a long ride, they run upon the Mexicans, who are in a battle with a group of Indians. During the conflict, Jesse encounters a beautiful blond young woman, Hanna Elrod, as she shoots and hits an Indian protecting the women, and they instantly become friends.

During the days the rangers are staying with Montgomery and his wife at their home in Ash Creek, Texas, Jesse and Hanna’s relationship advances until the dreadful occurs. Two gunfighters show up and seize Hanna and her mom, forcing Jesse to engage them. Though Jesse has vowed he’ll never fight again, he and Eli step into the street and kill the two men in a contest to save the woman’s life.

Yet justified, having to employ his gun again, Jesse now must examine himself. Running away seemed the answer, but how can that work when he can’t keep his mind off Hanna? Her prayers and visits with Jesse cause him to know she is the one he must marry. The romance struggles, however, as Jesse’s past emerges still.

Can Jesse ever find the trail back home? Can he ever find forgiveness from his Heavenly Father and earthly father for what he’s done? Will he and Hanna find a safe place to live free from gunfighters who seek to kill him?

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  Periphery - The Periphery Series  
  The starvation is genuine, and so are the enemies that have formed against them below the Periphery.

Now something must give! Someone is assassinating leaders.

Godly love is to love your enemies even when they only want to kill you. But is that even possible in this new world?

America is in turmoil after a mandatory separation forced by the U.S. government. The north has vanquished Christians and any proclamation of religion to live below the thirty-sixth parallel.

Now disconnected from society and civilization, those who enter the Periphery must learn to fend for themselves in a place that has become an unrelenting wilderness.

As the years go by, struggles arise, as does a divergence against one another. But a love affair dawns between a couple from two separate factions forming a tentative and dangerous relationship. Travis Weston and Wren Daniels realize the factions live by opposite beliefs but are unaware their relationship has become the bond that will inspire peace between their people.

All the factions must somehow cast aside their conflicts and work together to contend with those who took everything. They must raise an army and prepare to join an underground northern alliance desperately needing them to take the country back.

After years of starving, death and hunting for provisions, can they survive? Can they look beyond their differences and rise to the challenge against their shared enemy—to the north?

Periphery is a fast-paced adventure in a futuristic world filled with conflict and unforeseen romances—a gripping tale until the very last page.

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  Bigfork - Caldwell Family Legacy Series
  What do you do when twenty years of hard work is about to be taken from you? You fight with all you have and trust God.

The Caldwell Family Legacy is a modern western about a family who has become what they are through years of hard work.

A typical family life until the day the sheriff arrives to deliver a letter of intent of suit against Creighton by a devious oil drilling company. They claim Creighton doesn't own the land, and they now have a right to purchase it. All of this knocks Creighton off-balance, along with the ranch hands and the rest of the family.

Though Creighton is not a Christian when this occurs, giving in is not in his nature. He calls on his oldest son Zane, the horse trainer in the family, to assist in research for his lawyer. Zane tales on the job and soon includes his new girlfriend Sierra as they chase down leads for the case opening a pandora's box of problems.

The lawsuit against them is only one obstacle the Caldwells must face. In the middle of all that's happening, ranch foreman Taft discovers rustlers rounding up cattle into a semi-truck rig. A ranch hand and brother takes a bullet during the incident. The thieves are arrested and now sit in jail. But right when the Caldwells start breathing again, they hear that the thieves have broken out.

The Caldwell Family must work together and overcome fiery trial after fiery trial, even before the court trial hits them.

How much can one family take? The wolf is at the door but giving up is not an option. Can the Caldwells find their way through the battles and achieve ultimate victory?
Coming Winter 2023  

  Secret at Nimrod Lake - Mystery of the Lake Series
   Andy Story, a journalist, writer, and friend Jonathan Long, a doctor, have arranged for a seasonal time off at Nimrod Lake, planning to scout the woods for deer signs. The current season is upon them, and they’ve arrived at the campground as always, expecting an early start.

But in the woods, something more peculiar than watching for deer occurs, something never imagined, and they would never again encounter. On their initial day out, Andy discovers a two-legged critter fixed upon him from behind a huge tree. When he attempts to reach out, the living thing, being very frightened, immediately dashes into the woods.
Burning with curiosity, Andy follows, sprinting, seeking to keep up with it, until he bangs his head, ascending over a log and knocking him unconscious.

The following day, still interested in the creature, the two men purposely explore the woods and soon come upon a cave deep within. But just as they think they’ve spotted the living thing, Andy gets critically injured, losing consciousness from blood loss. Jonathan takes matters into his hands to aid Andy with no surgical tools or emergency room accessible.

One episode sets in motion an extraordinary string of events as two dear friends step into the world of the forgotten, all while eluding law enforcement and preserving the Secret at Nimrod Lake. The young men find themselves connected to a twenty-year crime.

On the run and out of time, can Andy deliver before it all comes crashing down on him?

Brimming with abduction, theft and murder, the Secret at Nimrod Lake captures real suspense, drama, mystery, and romance in a world of lake campers, fishermen, hunters and a dense and dark forest.

Coming Fall 2023