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I am a writing enthusiast who enjoys creating action-adventure and historical stories. Through the years, I've written over forty poems and ninety songs. Then about eight years ago, I felt the urge to write a western story (Prodigal Trail) about a young man who thought he must leave home and find out what he missed, only to discover the world was cruel. He finds himself on the run from gunfighters when they hear of his fast gun.

Prodigal Trail is a story of an earthly father's love and the redemption power of a Heavenly Father.

Through eight years of writing and lots of procrastination, the story came to life.

I hope you'll check out Prodigal Trail and Periphery from my books page. A discription is available for each of my books.

CW. Incredible Story - This is a heart warming story that will keep you intrigued! Such a beautiful story of love and God’s redemption. It’s the prodigal son with a western twist. After reading this book, I’m now getting copies to give as gifts!